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Do you find that when you speak English in the workplace, you’re so concerned about getting the language basics correct that you’re not focused on what you’re trying to communicate?

If English is your second language, you already know the fundamentals of grammar and have a good vocabulary.  But, when it comes to speaking English in the workplace, confidence is more important than perfection.

English Arrow helps non-native English-speaking professionals communicate confidently.

English Arrow helps you strengthen your Business English while you learn about leadership, business, public relations, how to build successful habits and more.  

Our workshops have hosted Olympic athletes, business experts and skills coaches who provide valuable opportunities to increase your confident communication skills as they discuss their expertise and share their experiences from the English-speaking workplace.

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Hi, I’m James

Combining my qualification in journalism with my experiences from lifetime spent, I give people just like you the skills and tools you need to excel in the English business environment.

I have helped people get jobs at international companies like Amazon, Google, Ernst and Young, JP Morgan, Netflix and KornFerry – simply by helping them speak Business English with confidence.

I understand the importance of communicating effectively in a second language because I do it every day; I’m from the USA but have lived and worked in Colombia since 2016.

I’ve been coaching non-native English-speaking professionals and executives since 2016, refining their communication skills and growing their confidence so they can succeed in interviews, presentations, meetings, and networking events.


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