Welcome to English Arrow 

Our Mission

English Arrow promises to create virtual spaces where anyone can practice speaking in English for free. These spaces will be open to anyone with the ability to connect regardless of country or ability. Our volunteer facilitators strive to enable powerful conversations, challenge preconceived ideas and expand perspectives. 

Our Values



Every conversation begins from a place of mutual respect. Every member of this community deserves respect regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or ability.


Every conversation is an opportunity to learn. Deeper understanding comes from being curious and open. 


Every member of our community is treated equally. 


Anyone who respects the community values is welcome in the community.


Our Story 


Our conversation clubs started in 2019 in the small city of Armenia, Colombia. When the Coronavirus pandemic started in early 2020, we moved our groups online in order to continue providing a space where anyone could practice speaking in English without fear of being judged or making mistakes. 

In just a few short months, our group grew to include people from across latin America and beyond. After almost 2 years, we have welcomed more than 1000 English speakers from more than 50 different countries. 

At the beginning of 2022, the founder decided to expand this project and see if it were possible to host groups every day of the week. With the help of an amazing team of volunteers, English Arrow now has more than 7 groups available each week. 

This team will only continue to grow and make practicing English more accessible and comfortable to as many people as possible. Join us today and see why people come back every week to our amazing groups!