English Interview Training Program

A 5 session English interview training and practice program for your job interview.

Are you tired of struggling with your job interview english?
Do you feel like you are not expressing your best ideas and qualities at work?
Is your lack of English interview practice holding you back from scoring your dream job?

interview training and practice

Even if you are the most qualified candidate, you will not get the job you deserve if you cannot express yourself clearly in English. And because it is the language of international business, you need to speak English with confidence if you want to further your career.

The English Interview Training and Practice Boot Camp is a 5-day, personalized course that includes downloadable guides and live training sessions to help find interview success.

You deserve the job. Enroll now to gain the skills you need to pass the job interview and reach your potential in career.

How does the English Interview Training and Practice program work?

1. You send your resume and the job listing(s) to your instructor. This ensures that the program is completely personalized and you are getting feedback based on your skills and goals.

2. You have a 20-minute orientation with your instructor to speak about your expectations and schedule your 5 training sessions 

3. You receive training material and templates to help you create strong, engaging answers to the most common interview questions.  

4. You meet with your instructor and practice for your interview. You will receive advice and actionable tips to improve your confidence.

5. At the end of the week, you have a live “mock interview” with your instructor to help you practice for your real interview conversation. This English interview training method will help you practice for your interview, and feel positive and ready to perform well during your interview. 

Who is your English interview practice instructor?

english interview training and practice

Hello! My name is James and I help non-native English speakers advance in their careers using English. I want you to work in your dream job in an international company, and I’ll give you the communication skills you need to speak English confidently at work. I’m from the United States, but I’ve lived in Colombia since 2016. I know the importance of communicating in your second language. I speak Spanish everyday to advance my business interests and understand why clear communication is crucial.

My clients work in companies such as Amazon, Google, Ernst and Young, Netflix and KornFerry. Each got their job using strong interview skills and I can help you too with efficient english interview training.

Who is this Interview Training program for?

This program is for you if...

– You have an interview in English and are worried about expressing yourself
– You want to work in an English-speaking company
– You currently speak English at work and want to change your job

This program is not for you if...

– You already feel confident having an interview in English. Great Job!
– You speak English at a beginner or low-intermediate level and want to improve
– You never plan to speak English at your work 

How English Interview Training helps you?

You gain confidence through personalized interview training and practice you need to ace your interview and be a competitive candidate. You learn the skills to impress your interviewer and stand out from the crowd.

You could practice yourself, but with this program you get personalized feedback and training for every answer you could create. You get a response based on your resume and your target job.

You will get the valuable skills you need to stand out in your industry and your interviews.

interview success

After the program you will be able to:

What clients say about me? 

What is my investment for the Interview Success Boot Camp

interview success

Your investment is just $245

As soon as you make the payment, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule your orientation

You will also receive the first assignment so you waste no time preparing to give a confident interview. 

Ready to begin? That’s great! Click on the button to enroll in the Interview Success Boot Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed to be completed in one week (7 days). However, you will have up to one month to complete the program. 

It’s completely flexible. You will meet with your trainer at the beginning of the program to choose times that work for you. 

Of course! If you’re thinking about changing your job anytime within the next 6 months this program will give you the skills you need to enter your future interviews with confidence.

Yes! As a new client you can reserve a 20-minute free trial class to talk about your needs. Just click here. You can also join our online community to get a sense of our interaction.