questions to ask your interviewer

Important Questions to ask your interviewer in an interview

In this article, we’ll share questions to ask your interviewer in an interview. So you think you’re finally ready for your job interview in English. You’ve researched the company, thought out responses to common interview questions that your interviewer may ask, and done everything you could think of to perform well. But there’s one thing you may be forgetting: what questions will you ask?

At the end of the process almost all interviewers will ask if you have any questions for them. This is a great opportunity to show your knowledge and passion for the job. Asking engaging questions will demonstrate that you are excited and actively interested in the position. Perhaps more significantly, it’s an opportunity to gather information about potential jobs and eventually make your decision.

It’s important to remember that a job interview is as much for you as it is for your potential employer. Does your possible future boss seem like they would be pleasant to work with? Yes, you are focusing on how to get hired, but remember that this means nothing if you don’t end up liking the job! Avoid doing all that work for nothing (and impress your interviewer) by being prepared with some perfect questions. Here are a few ideas that can help you with your english interview practice:

Ask about the future

You are likely applying for this job because it will help you on your path to an eventual goal. If your goal is to be a project manager, you will likely start in a lower position to get your foot in the door! Ask your interviewer about your career path with the company. Is there room for growth beyond the position you’re applying for? Will you be learning new skills that help you continue on the journey to where you want to be professionally? You want a job that gives you options, and a dynamic future career, so make sure you make that clear to your potential employer from the beginning.

Possible Questions:

What professional development opportunities does the company offer?
Where is the person that was in my position before? Have they moved into a higher position?
Do you offer incentives for employees to complete a master’s degree or extra training?

Ask about the day-to-day details of the job

There are many logistical questions you many want to ask regarding the job. This could include anything from the specifics about the schedule, paid time off, or whether working remotely is an option. You want a job that is consistent with your lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to find out what daily life will really be like working for this company.

Possible Questions:

What does an average day on the job look like?
Are there possibilities to work from home in case of emergency?
What is included in the benefits package?

Ask about the culture of the company

Your work environment is intrinsic to how productive you can be as an employee. Maybe you prefer to just keep your head down and get your work done, while others want to make friends at work and enjoy a more social atmosphere. Regardless of your preference it’s good to know what kind of office you’ll be stepping into so you are prepared to do the best job possible.

Possible Questions:

What is the office environment like? Do the current employees often eat lunch together?
Are there often social events or team building activities outside of the office?
Are there any office amenities available such as a gym or stand-up-desks?

Ask about the challenges of the job

It can be a good idea to inquire about any problems or challenges the company is facing at the moment. The last thing you want is to be hired on by a company that is experiencing a lot of problems, and expects you to clean up the mess. On the other hand, a job with too few demands may leave you bored and unmotivated. Regardless of the current status of the company, this question will give you a peek into what may be the more difficult parts of the job. Just like you always strive to show your best self in an interview, so does the employer! So they may not be eager to tell you all the less pleasant sides of a position unless asked. More direct questions about the not-so-pleasant aspects of the job will give you a better idea of what you’re in for.

Possible Questions:

Why did the last person in this position leave?
What are the biggest challenges the company is facing at the moment?
What would you say is the biggest challenge in this position?

Ask about the next steps

Naturally, you will want to know what the next phase of the hiring process is. You could be required to interview more than once, take an entrance exam, or wait a long period of time before hearing back about the job. Make sure you don’t miss any steps by specifically asking what is expected of you. And regardless of the answer, always follow up with a quick email or a call thanking them for their time. After all, they made space for you in their busy day!

Possible Questions:

When can I expect to hear back about the position?
What can I do to be prepared for the next steps of the process?
Will I hear back from you even if I am not selected?

Depending on your preferences, there can be plenty of other questions to ask your interviewer. What questions do you like to ask after or during your english interview conversation? Let us know in the comments below or join our community.