Resume Workshop

A professional, personal resume review

Resume Workshop Online

Do you want to make sure your resume is ready to send out to your dream job? 

A single error on your resume can be the difference between getting an interview and being ignored by the hiring manager. It’s tough, but it is crucial that your resume is clear, consistent and error-free. 

In this 30-minute resume workshop, you will learn the tricks to get your resume on top of the pile and feel confident that your resume is the best it can be.

What do I get in this Resume workshop?

The resume workshop includes: 

A comprehensive resume writing checklist

An initial review of your resume

– A 30-minute live video work session where you meet with your instructor to talk about how to improve your resume

– A secondary review of your resume after you implement the suggestions from your instructor

Who is my instructor?

english interview training and practice

Hello! My name is James and I help non-native English speakers advance in their careers using English. I want you to work in your dream job in an international company, and give you the communication skills you need for speaking English with confidence.

I’m from the United States, but I’ve lived in Colombia since 2016. I know the importance of communicating in your second language. I speak Spanish everyday to advance my business interests and understand why clear communication is crucial.

My clients work in companies such as Amazon, Google, Ernst and Young, Netflix and Korn Ferry. Each got their job using strong english interview skills and I can help you get there too.

What do my clients say about me?

What is my investment for the resume workshop?

For a limited time, this workshop is available for $45

This price will not be available forever, schedule your workshop now to take advantage of this offer.