Speak English with Confidence

English Arrow’s Confident Communication Club is a place where you can improve your skills by conversing with members of a supportive, English-speaking community from around the world.



When you become a member of the Confident Communication Club, you will connect, learn, speak, and grow with an international community of like-minded professionals.

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How does it work?

Speak every week. Practice new skills. Build Confidence.

Each week, your facilitator will introduce a new topic and give the community some questions to consider. You will be invited to join a group session to discuss that week’s theme with your coach and peers to discuss this topic.

At the end of the month, everyone in the group will meet to discuss that month’s theme. You will have the opportunity to speak with other members from across the world and receive feedback and support from the community.

Meet your coach!

James Levin is a business communication coach from the United States. He has lived in three countries and also uses his second language every day. James helps non-native English-speaking professionals use English to advance in their careers. He has been training professionals for more than 4 years. His current and past clients work in companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Google and JP Morgan. You too can join the community if you are interested in speaking English with confidence at your workplace.

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Guest coach bonus...

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 Guest coaches provide a complete and well-rounded coaching experience, allowing you to improve your English communication quickly and efficiently.

Every month, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with a guest coach at our monthly workshop.  This exposes you to different coaching methods, ideas, and expertise.  Past coaches include Olympic athletes, company CEOs and independent consultants.

Each monthly workshop is recorded and made available to you after the event for no extra charge.  This way, you can benefit from every guest coach that has participated in the English Arrow monthly workshop – regardless of when you joined the Confident Communication Club.

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How much is the investment to join?

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Right now we are full, but you can join the waiting list for January!


Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! Schedule a quick consultation call with me and we will discuss your concerns. 

Wonderful! Ask them to send me an email. And when they sign up, you get a %50 discount on your investment for that month.*

*terms and conditions apply

Great question! There are many kinds of English teachers. But most English teachers and their classes focus on the language. You may talk about grammar, sentence structure, new vocabulary or expressions. The focus is on how to use the language. But if you’re seriously considering this community…you’ve already done all that! Instead, we will focus on how to use the English you’ve already worked hard to attain to communicate in professional situations. Our topics will include giving a strong presentation, making a sales pitch, resolving a conflict and other situations you will encounter in your professional life.

Of course! Bonus 1-on-1 coaching sessions are available for club members. In these sessions, we will discuss the challenges you are facing in your work life and how improved communication can help to solve them. We will talk about the obstacles you are facing in English communication and make a plan to overcome them.